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I have an interesting story written out and are looking for artists interested to give it visual life to my current work. 

Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Tragedy Theme: Modern American School, Urban Environment Reader age group: Teen+ 14-21



A boy moves to a new city and is having a hard time adjusting to the harsh lifestyle of his new school. He befriends a girl that was always nice to him, but when they are not together that boy is often picked on by his classmates and later discovers a power within him called "Darkness". He uses this power to become strong and learnes to defend himself from his classmates. He continues to make this power stronger until one day the darkness within him speaks and warns that his body will be taken over. So he is forced to stop using that power, but when his dear friend is in danger he makes a decision to use that darkness again but at a terrible price.


Please message or email me if your intersted in creating the visuals for this story.

My first movie

2014-01-13 17:39:28 by GamePro24X


This is the first series ive made into a movie (I have many more) but due to it being so long I have to separate it into segments, The first part is out. I hope it gets you interested on whats to come but you should note that this icon above will change according to the story, and youll begin to understand why. The second part is where things get really interesting and I do plan to make the artwork a hell of a lot better to fully demonstrate whats going on. I had trouble because im not to sure on how to draw children. Anyways im working on the second part and if anyone would like to help thyere more than welcomed to.

Black Lotus prologue part 3

2011-09-30 00:25:04 by GamePro24X

the final prologue strip

Black Lotus prologue part 3

prologue part 2

2011-09-29 19:09:59 by GamePro24X

second part of the Black Lotus prologue

prologue part 2

my newest series

2011-09-29 18:58:14 by GamePro24X

ive decided to post some o my work online and see what reactions i get. the story is called Black Lotus.

my newest series